Getting a plus sign on that pregnancy test is just about the most life-changing moment a woman can experience.

A baby growing inside of you! Woah.

But soon after you become pregnant, the excitement tend to fade away as the nausea and/or fatigue set in.

You might notice you're growing in places you didn't realize you'd grow during pregnancy, or just feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Yup, the first trimester can be a real pain ?.

Even if you're one of the lucky ones that bypasses those typical first-trimester symptoms, you may be feeling the stress of hiding your pregnancy.

But your waistline and boobs don't know that. Which is why choosing the right essentials for that first trimester will save you from looking like you simply ate a big lunch. (Which, if you can stomach it, is totally cool!)

Here are the 5 first trimester fashion essentials that will keep you looking put together even when you're struggling to keep calm on the inside:

A belly band

A belly band like this one from Blanqi helps make your non-pregnancy pants go the extra mile by keeping them in place when your waistline says it's time for you to loosen that top button.

A seamless bra

Right now is a good time to start learning about the world of seamless bras. They will be a bit more forgiving and grow with you through this new journey. Invest in a bra that does double duty and will serve you when you're breastfeeding as well. Seamless bras are great for nursing mothers since they don't block milk ducts the way underwire bras can.

A drapey dress

While you may not be ready to dive into maternity-wear just yet, investing in a loose-fitting dress is a must. Choose something with a little extra room in the waistline and stay away from anything form-fitting until your bump is more prominent. This will prevent any questions nosy coworkers may be tempted to ask.

A rockin' jumpsuit

The first trimester is a great time to experiment with jumpsuits which give you a little extra room in the midriff. A jumpsuit will also help keep you looking stylish when the fatigue hits hard and you just don't have the energy to try and match two or more articles of clothing together. Just add shoes.


OK, yes we went there. But there are so many cute styles out on the market! And while you may have thought you wouldn't go the legging route until at least late in your second trimester, the truth is that when nausea can sneak up on you at any moment during that first trimester, comfort is key.