Every now and again, we come across a baby brand that really gets it . Gets the real mama struggle—and gets what our little ones really need.

Lately, Raised Real has been that brand. Motherly recently attended a live event hosted by them called The Baby Food Bar, where we saw first-hand the attention to detail poured into everything they do. In short, they are about so much more than the food.

Here are some of our favorite pics from the event:





The Baby Food Bar featured Raised Real's delicious baby food recipes made exclusively with real food.

































And here are seven reasons why we had such a great time:


1. They know how hard you work.

The expertly prepared meals delivered to your home are just the beginning. Not only was free stroller parking available when you approached the event but Raised Real even provided attendants to carry strollers and bags for mamas up and down the stairs. It's almost like they know mamas are always carrying all the things.

2. They celebrate the everyday.

One of our favorite decor details of the day? A Post-it note wall for parents to share their parenting wins. Whether it's a baby that actually sleeps through the night or simply the fact that we are still keeping these tiny humans alive successfully, they knew that, for mamas, there is no win too small to celebrate.

3. They value creativity.

To keep tiny hands occupied, they provided an activity area for kids with food-themed wooden toys and paper and crayons to color. This passion for creating permeates their whole business model, from encouraging unexpected (but nutritionist-backed) food combinations to the clever inserts they include for parents in each meal box.

4. And did we mention that the food is *really* good?

We've all been there—you're trying to convince your baby to take a bite of the food you're offering, so you demonstrate by swallowing a spoonful yourself and... gag . Not so with Raised Real. If we learned one thing from their Baby Food Bar, it's that their real food purees and finger foods aren't just healthy—they're downright delicious (and they just might inspire your next grown-up snack).

5. They cherish those precious moments too.

One of our favorite interactive features at the event was the Instax photo wall for impromptu family photos. Pictures with toddlers and babies are rarely perfect—but they're fun to take. We loved that they realize those imperfect moments are worth remembering too.

6. They are real people who are really there for you.

From its founding, Raised Real has put real-life connections in the forefront of their business. Customers can text a Baby Food Hotline any time for help with everything from technical issues to how to deal with a picky eater, and a real person will respond. Those same folks were present at the event, where they were able to meet face-to-face with parents and their tiny humans.

7. They know mamas deserve to be spoiled too.

With a spacious play area full of coloring options and food-themed toys, kids had fun while Raised Real gave mamas a chance to socialize and feel like real adults. And, can we talk about the gift bags for a minute? Packed with some of our favorite feeding products, like Ezpz mats, Bumpkins bibs and Kizingo spoons, we couldn't wait to dig into all that swag as soon as we got home.

Luckily for you, more mama and baby friendly events are in the works. Follow along on Instagram to see if Raised Real is coming to a city near you!