She's beautiful, successful and hilarious, and Ali Wong is also a regular mom. If you follow her on Instagram you'll know she doesn't subscribe to the idea of curating the grid with polished pictures. Instead, Ali serves up as much realness on the 'gram as she does in her standup—and we love her for it.

We love that she doesn't crop out the clutter and doesn't pretend that motherhood can't be super fun and super hard at the same time.

Here are nine times Ali Wong's Instagram perfectly captured the #momlife experience.

1. Work is my escape

When she admited the weekend can be super hard and that she was "grateful the weekend was over" and that work is her escape. It is okay if you feel like being home with your kids is sometimes harder work than actually being at work. It probably is.

One survey found moms log so many hours on childcare and housework that motherhood is like 2.5 jobs and an academic study found that even when moms who do paid work during the week get "time off" on the weekend they're still working, it's just unpaid.

Ali gets it.

2. Being grateful for the village

Our society can be really weird when it comes to motherhood. Throughout human history, parents have had help from community, but now the metaphorical village is hard to come by. That's why having a kid start pre-school, day care or elementary can feel like such a relief. When Ali Wong says she's ready to lie down and have "the teachers come off the bench" we totally get it. We're grateful for our kids' teachers, too. It's nice to have some responsible adults backing you up.

Even MVPs need teammates!

3. When you don't want a weekend wth your kids to end

Sometimes a weekend with the kids feels like work and sometimes it feels like paradise. Ali knows that both can be true. "Can we extend this weekend?" she captioned a photo in which she's captured enjoying a beach day with her daughter.

Motherhood is complicated. Sometimes we yearn to go back to work and sometimes we yearn to have more time off with the family. It's normal to want days like this one to never end (but unfortunately they do).

4. All I want for Christmas is sleep

If this photo of Ali Wong sleeping beneath her sleeping baby wasn't already super relatable, the caption is. "All I want for Christmas is sleep," she noted. Now we're humming Mariah Carey's iconic tune and nodding in agreement.

And Ali's hashtag, #blessedbutdone" is also super on point. You can love your kids dearly without wanting more.

5. When you take the pregnancy test and you’re not pregnant

Sometimes a positive pregnancy test requires a happy dance. And sometimes when you're a mama who is feeling #blessedbutdone like Ali, a negative test prompts a dance celebration. "When you take the pregnancy test and you're not pregnant," she captioned a video in which she busts a move for her daughter, who (does not appreciate mama's moves and says "stop dancing."

"I can't stop dancing," Ali tells her.

Whether you've danced for one pink line or two, you can probably relate.

6. Flying as a parent is not easy

Flying with kids is tricky business, as Ali noted in the sarcastic caption of this photo. "Flying with kids is extremely easy and refreshing. Especially when they both just want to sit with Mommy, while Daddy is free to eat BBQ sliders and watch Veep."

We hope Mommy got to get some binge-watching time at some point during the flight, too.

7. When you have a second child

Introducing a newborn to an older sibling can be absolutely adorable, but little hands don't always know how to be gentle, as this picture shows. "When the first child met the second child and tried to destroy her head while I was breastfeeding and I realized the biggest hazard to my newborn baby was my toddler," Ali captioned this one. 😂

It's not exactly a Pinterest-worthy sibling photoshoot, but it's accurate.

8. When you forget the double stroller

Strollers are amazing, and forgetting one can ruin a shopping trip. That's why we totally understand why Ali hijacked a shopping cart from its store of origin to tour her kids around a strip mall for two hours.

Who hasn't taken a cart from the department store and used it in the mall? Kids are heavy! We promise we'll return the cart when we're done!

9. Giving my friend a tutorial on how to pump hands free.

Pumping breast milk is not exactly glamorous, but that didn't stop Ali from posting this double pump pic to Instagram, "Giving my firmed a tutorial on how to pump hands free," she wrote.

Everybody needs a friend like this because pumping is hard! We could all use a coach (especially one as hilarious as Ali Wong)