When your child hits a milestone it feels like a big deal and it's hard not to have a big reaction. Comedian Amy Schumer proved this over the weekend when she posted a video of her son, Gene, saying 'dad' for the first time.

Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed baby Gene back in May and have been melting our hearts with sweet (and relatable) updates ever since. This weekend Fischer was away from the family and Schumer was taking a quick video for him.

"We just wanted to say 'hi Daddy,' we miss you and we hope you're having a fun day," Schumer tells the camera before turning to Gene and asking him to say 'Dad'.

Gene smiles and complies, much to his mama's surprise. The amount of applause he got surprised little Gene, who cried when he realized everyone else in the room was freaking out.

A lot of kids say dad or dada first, before mama, but Gene said mama first, according to Schumer's Instagram.

Schumer used Gene's first words to communicate some important messages. When he said Mom she posted the video and reminded followers to vote in the caption. When Gene said Dad, Schumer used the video to draw attention to the death of DJ Henry, who was 20 years old when he was killed by a police officer 10 years ago.

Schumer's sweet moments with her son are the kind of happy content we need in this world. but her captions are a reminder that not every mom has the privilege to focus only on the sweet, happy moments.

Congratulations to Gene for these massive milestones, and thank you, Amy, for using your platform to remind the world that motherhood doesn't always look or feel like a celebrity's Instagram feed.