There are many, many reasons to love Ashley Graham (she's beautiful, a body-positive icon, and she keeps it real about all things motherhood). Today's reason? Oh no biggie, she's just dancing around outside in her underwear all in the name of body acceptance.

You know, Queen Stuff.

Graham, who announced earlier this month that she's pregnant with her second child, shared a cute little TikTok video on her account that shows her fully embracing her body and encouraging all of us to do the same. We love to see it.

@theashleygraham and today's affirmation is…
♬ you look good - a hot girl

While we may not all have the confidence or accessibility to shoot underwear videos in our backyard, the affirmation Graham is sharing here is enough to sustain us all in our body confidence through the day.

Undoubtedly the best accessory of the entire ensemble would have to be the camo Crocs. Though they've received plenty of scorn by footwear snobs (hi, it's me, I'm a former footwear snob) through the years, if you've ever slipped your feet into a pair of those rubbery, magical clogs, then you alreadyknow why they're probably amazing footwear for pregnant people.

Black lacy underwear with a black pushup bra PLUS camo Crocs? This is why Ashley Graham is an icon folks, plain and simple.

The model and mama is due later this year with baby number two, and until then, here's hoping we get A LOT more content like this from her.