Pregnancy doesn’t just come with that legendary glow everyone is talking about. New sensitivities, dullness from all those sleepless nights, random breakouts, dryness, hyper-pigmentation issues (better known as Melasma or the 'mask of pregnancy') and stretch marks all may make a visit throughout your pregnancy. And while you’re having all these skincare issues, a lot of products that are flooding the shelves of the skincare aisle are big no-nos now that you are pregnant. Lucky for us, there are a handful of companies developing products specifically designed with pregnant women in mind. Being mindful of the extra sensitivities mamas-to-be experience, these products have been designed with the most natural ingredients and are exceptionally safe and very effective.

If you find yourself struggling with any of the typical pregnancy-induced skin issues and searching for the greenest, cleanest and most effective products out there, you're in the right place. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation with our top 5 must-have products designed with pregnant women in mind.

1. Basq: Anti-Blemish Daily Cleanser, $18. Yes, it's possible you'll feel as if your skin is revisiting your most challenging adolescent experiences because hormonal acne is no joke and something mamas-to-be experience on the regular. Not to fear, Basq is here to save the day with their new clarifying face cleanser. You'll find Oak Root Extract and Tea Tree Oil acting as natural astringents helping to gently draw out impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Plus, calming Chamomile and Cucumber will leave your skin soothed and refreshed. Guaranteed safe for expectant and nursing mothers!

2. Tubby Todd: Belly Oil, $15. If you need a rich moisturizer for the bump, look no further ladies. This oil is an instant soother for tight, itchy, stretched skin! Recommended to be used 'on your bump, rump, thighs & chest,' it helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity and luminosity and fights against stretch marks. You'll notice increased hydration and a boost to collagen production thanks to avocado, jojoba and shea oil. You're in safe hands here, all Tubby Todd products are 100% natural, organic and cruelty-free!

3. Mama Mio: Pregnancy Boob Tube, $36. Hello new breast...errr, best friend! It seems every inch of your body changes during pregnancy, and your breasts are not off limits. This moisturizer rich in organic omega oils, rosehip fruit oil and CoQ10 helps to hydrate, elasticize and strengthen skin during those indiscriminate cup size changes. Protecting, soothing and cooling all in one product, this cream can do double duty once baby arrives! You'll be happy to hear Mama Mio has a 'No Nasties' policy, which means that all formulas are free from parabens, petrolatum, colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs and phthalates.

4. Amareta: Bright Side Balancing Toner, $42. This toner is perfect for brightening up a dull complexion when those sleepless nights start to set in. This toner is refreshing, hydrating and helps to reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation using Rosehip Tea (a Vitamin C powerhouse), Geranium Oil and Guava Leaf. Expectant mothers will be happy to know Amareta excludes from their products over 40+ ingredients that are potentially disruptive or dangerous to the body!

5. Nine Naturals: Vanilla + Geranium Replenishing Belly Butter, $35. We know that belly is going to grow, and with the growth comes some slight discomfort in an unexpected sensation. Nothing will feel better than scratching that itch and slathering your bump with this lux belly butter. Daily moisturizing with this beauty will be your first line of defense against stretch marks and itchiness. The butter is crafted using organic emollients including broccoli seed oil, shea butter and cupuaçu butter. And it's got restorative omega fatty acids to help improve the skin’s elasticity.