I’m of the opinion that choosing your kid’s name is an even bigger decision than having them in the first place. Is it going to fit them? Shape who they are? Will they even like it when they’re a sulky teenager?

But once they’re born and rocking it, our children’s names become part of us. We yell it across the playground, brand every belonging with it and write it several billion times across every form imaginable. And in times of challenge or reflection, it can remind us of why we do basically everything.

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So it’s no surprise that personalized jewelry is a part of nearly every mama’s jewelry box. One style we can’t get enough of these days? The classic beaded friendship bracelet. Equal parts trendy and “did your kid make that for you?” we’re totally crushing on the casual style that somehow looks right at home even when you wear it alongside fancier jewels. (They also make the perfect Mother’s Day gift to treat yourself or drop as a hint!)

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite personalized baby name bracelets. Get started on your unique stack with these top picks!

Best Baby Name Bracelets

Baublebar bracelet



Custom multi Pisa bracelet

This super chic take marries 6mm gold balls and glossy rainbow letters to create one-of-a-kind bracelets that feature names or even phrases. The addition of an ampersand, plus sign, hashtag, heart and star give you a whole host of options, so you can get creative.

For Mother’s day, they’re offering 20% off all custom styles with code CUSTOM20 in case you want to get started on your stack!

LWBDesigns Name Bracelet



14K Gold Filled Custom Word Beaded Bracelet

These cuties feature tiny gold beads along with circular rainbow on white acrylic letter beads. You can opt for larger gold beads if you prefer (there are 3mm-6mm to choose from) and even add multiple names to one bracelet.

Sis Kiss Custom Rockstar Bracelet

The Sis Kiss


Custom Rockstar Bracelet

The adjustable rockstar bracelets from The Sis Kiss are an easy everyday favorite. They’re made with black clay beads, black and white acrylic letter beads and adorable gold-colored stars and accent beads.

Jane Basch Designs Beaded Baby Name Bracelet

Jane Basch Designs


Beaded Baby Name Bracelet

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, this dainty number from Jane Basch Designs delivers. The gold-filled 7 inch canvas can be customized with up to eight letters, and like the rest of the collection is made in the USA.

Little Words Project Name Bracelet

Little Words Project


Custom Bracelet

Beware, the ways to build your Little Words Project bracelet are basically endless. From stones to crystal beads in every color of the rainbow, you can build a gorgeous bauble that is uniquely yours. Good luck making those tough decisions, mama!

Gemello Creations Bracelets



Custom Name Bracelets

These Heishi-style bracelets come in a variety of soft colors and feature a choice of black on white or gold on white letter beads.

A version of this story was published February 21, 2021. It has been updated.