Over the past few years, “Bluey” has become the go-to bonding show for parents and kids alike. (Raise you hand if you’ve watched at least one Bluey episode without your kids. Don’t lie.)

Well, there’s something new brewing on the horizon, and trust us – it’s as epic as the Heeler family adventures!

Hanna Andersson, our go-to for hand-me-down quality kids’ clothes, has collaborated with BBC Studios Kids & Family to drop a collection that’s a game-changer. Inspired by the beloved “Bluey” episode, “Keepy Uppy”, their just-released Hanna Andersson Bluey collection includes Hanna’s iconic PJs, a must-have graphic tee, joggers perfect for those living room dance-offs, a no-nonsense crewneck sweatshirt, and a play or party-ready dress-legging combo. (And don’t feel left out! They’ll be launching additional pieces including adult sized jammies soon!)

Why do we love “Bluey”? It’s real. It shows us the chaos, fun, and learning curves of family dynamics. It incorporates characters of different abilities, and even some jokes that are clearly meant for parents. (“Are you not entertained!?”) We’ve laughed at the antics of Bluey and Bingo, nodded in agreement with the relatable parenting moments, and now our kiddos get to wear it. The collection showcases our favorites: Bluey, Bingo, and those unforgettable red balloons, all set against that classic Bluey blue.

Like everything Hanna Andersson, each piece in the collection is OEKO-TEX® certified –so no nasty chemicals, and designed to withstand the numerous “I want to wear it again!” laundry cycles.

Heidi Westberg, Sr. Director of Merchandising at Hanna Andersson, chimed in on this collab: “Our customers have been asking for Bluey and it’s the best feeling as a brand to bring their request to life in a unique Hanna way. Our goal is to create clothing kids want to wear, designed for independent dressing and play.  The loveable and fun energy of ‘Bluey’ shines in this design and we can’t wait to see kids connect with their favorite blue heeler crew in a new way.”

So, for the moms who get why “Bluey” isn’t just another kids’ show, and for the kiddos who want to bring a bit of its magic into their everyday–head over to Hanna Andersson. This collection is fresh off the rack, and trust me, it’s going to fly off faster than you can say “Bingo!” Don’t miss out.

Happy shopping, and here’s to more shared giggles and dance-offs in your new Bluey gear!

Hanna Andersson Bluey Collection