Name: Kelly Botti

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Occupation: Personal Assistant

Baby’s Sex: Female

How would you describe your pregnant style?

Comfy with a little edge.

Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during pregnancy?

Yes! I’ve had to let go of my favorite pre-pregnancy sweater dresses and tunics. Even paired with opaque tights the majority of them have gotten way too short with my ever-growing bump!

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

How quickly my regular pants weren’t comfortable anymore. Buying a pair of maternity leggings were my first “maternity” purchase, and I now I can’t live without them. They fit completely different than regular leggings -- nothing digging into you or leaving marks on your skin. I still wear non-maternity pants from time to time (like today for example) but nothing beats maternity.

What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump?

My favorite piece is a non-maternity Bouclé poncho with a leather motorcycle lapel from Zara. I like to wear that over fitted maternity tees and leggings. Its super comfy and a nice alternative to a cardigan or blazer. You can never grow out of a poncho! I also bought a ton of chunky knit cardigans and loose fitting sweaters the minute the weather started getting cold from Aritzia in Soho.

What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby?

I’m looking forward to raising my daughter in Manhattan. I love the diversity this city has to offer and the idea of her making friends with people from all over the world. Hudson River Park is one of my favorite NYC destinations. I love to bike down the Hudson and across the Brooklyn Bridge into Dumbo or all the way up to The Cloisters for a picnic. Looking forward to getting an attached bicycle seat and doing that with her.

Kelly is wearing:

Hue leggings in gold brocade

Sam Edelman booties

Aritzia ”Erin Sweater” in black

Sanctuary leather vest

Photography by Desiree Walters Photography.

Shot on location at the Arlington Club.