When it comes to easy hairstyles, the French braid doesn’t typically come to mind. It’s a great style if you’re a braiding pro, but if you aren’t, let’s just say it will take lots of practice. Theoretically, now would be a good time to learn—you’re indoors most of the time and if it looks messy, no one is around to see it. But, we know you’re a busy mama.

That’s why when we saw this hack for a classic and timeless French braid, we were all over it. Hairstylist Sunnie Brook shared on Instagram how to create a French braid in five steps and it’s way easier than we think. Brook has a client list that includes Elisabeth Moss, Sarah Silverman and Allison Williams, but more importantly, she’s a new mama and understands firsthand the necessity of having an easy, go-to look.

“If you’re bored of your bun or ponytail this is an easy option,” Brook says. “Bonus, it will also give you a wavy texture when you take it out.”

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If you have short hair, sadly this tucked-up low ponytail won’t work, but you can still make a major impression with a braided headband style or French side braid.

Here’s how to create the French-braid ponytail (or, “Frenchie” as Brook calls it) at-home:

Step 1: Comb out tangles.

Step 2: Braid hair from behind the ear down the nape.

Step 3: Secure ends with a tie.

Step 4: To create more fullness punch and pull the edges of the braid.

Step 5: Fold braid up over itself. If you have longer hair you may need to roll it up a couple times.

Step 6: Secure with two or three bobby pins.