Motherly editors know a thing or two about great products. After all, we've tried, tested and impulse purchased more products than anyone may care to admit. So, let us help you navigate this weekend's Motherly Shop sale like the pros we are. We've compiled the below list of what we're buying, what we already love and what we think you shouldn't miss.

But don't let us stop you from perusing on your own. Many of our incredible brands are offering 30% off, including deals you won't find anywhere else. Happy shopping, mama!

Hijinks dragon costume pieces

Hijinks dragon hood My son's imagination has been blossoming during quarantine (a happy side effect of being home with two working parents and no siblings 😭) and I've realized that his dress-up collection is sorely lacking (as in, he doesn't really have any costumes except for some of his old Halloween costumes that are now mostly too small). I've had my eye on these Hijinks costumes for awhile, so I'm taking advantage of the sale and grabbing both this Dragon hood and wings because "Roar!" is a regular answer when I ask my little guy if he wants some water, a snack or even to get ready for bed. Now he can be a real dragon. Karell Roxas, Editor-in-Chief

Shore Magic collagen

Shore Magic collagen As a self-professed beauty product addict, I've been curious about collagen for ages. But as a supplement skeptic, I've dragged my heels giving it a try. Shore Magic piqued my interest because of the extensive science behind it and the fact it contains no additives, fillers, synthetic vitamins or herbs. The promise it would be tasteless and not crushing on my digestive system didn't hurt either. There's good news and bad news. The good news is, holy smokes. this stuff is magic. My formerly brittle nails are longer than they've ever been, my hair feels super healthy (despite my box dye habit) and my skin feels quite glowy. The bad news? One more line item to my monthly budget. Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Trades for Good

Trades for Good soap Hand washing has become my religion during pandemic times, and one of the few luxuries I indulge in is some really good hand soap. I want to snap up a bottle (or two) of this sage, cardamom and sweet orange hand soap while it's on sale because 1) I adore the smell 2) I love that it's made with essential oils and organic ingredients and 3) the packaging fits my bathroom decor perfectly. Like I said, luxury. Karell Roxas, Editor-in-Chief

1822 Denim roll cuff maternity jeans

1822 Denim roll cuff maternity jeans This is my third pregnancy, and through eight trimesters (to date!), I've tried my fair share of hit-and-miss maternity jeans. Some have been too uncomfortable for my growing bod, others have felt good in the AM, only to stretch out into a formless, tragic sag after just an hour of wear. I'm a fan of this 1822 Denim pair for a few reasons: First and foremost, they feel good. These have a flexible 'jegging' feel, a midpoint between the stiffness of denim + the softness of leggings. They hold their shape, and I don't feel the desire to rip them off when I walk through the door. (This is new). The full-size, supportive belly band is clutch—I swore off under-belly bands during my first pregnancy. TL:DR; This is a solid basic to get me through this pregnancy, to get me out of my dress-or-legging comfort zone and back into an elevated-casual look. Bonus: They wash well. Jacqui Tapp, Creative Director of Video

Wise Elk wooden clock building toy

Wise Elk wooden clock building toy My son is currently obsessed with time. He always tells me that everything happened "yesterday" (even if it happened today 😂) and always asks me what time I'm going to get off work. "What numbers will it say on the clock, Mama?" So I thought I'd scoop up this construction kit while it's on sale for him to create his own clock. I love that it's wooden, so that it'll stand up to all his building and rebuilding. Plus, the individual blocks can tie into any open-ended play he wants to get into. Maybe they turn into a tower or maybe they turn into a team of people. The possibilities are endless. Karell Roxas, Editor-in-Chief

Tribe Alive romper

Tribe Alive romper I've been eyeing the incredible threads from Tribe Alive for weeks now, most notably, this adorable romper. With its tie shoulders and backless design, it's the perfect intersection of sweet and sexy. More importantly, it's not fast fashion. I've recently become more mindful of the impact of my purchases and it feels great to focus my spending on ethical brands that pay fair wages and work to protect the environment. I'll be scooping this one up and wearing it for years to come. Kaitlyn Russell, Managing Editor

Motif Medical duo pump

Motif Medical duo pump I've exclusively pumped for all my three children and I've loved the Motif pumps. Their travel one is ideal to be out and about with baby and not have to worry about having to carry a giant pump or be near an outlet all the time. - Motherly Editor

OSAY the label la babouche slip-on loafer

OSAY the label la babouche slip-on loafer As far as I'm concerned, a pair of leopard shoes is a closet essential. And while I already have a couple, these have totally been calling my name. The unique design allows them to be worn as either slip-ons or loafers which I'm sure I'll feel compelled to point out to everyone who compliments them. Best of all, they're sustainably handcrafted by master artisans in the historic "Medina" of Tunis, Tunisia. Looks like I'll have a lot to say to anyone who says, "Hey! I like your shoes!" Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Farm Steady fermented vegetable kit

Farm Steady fermented vegetable kit We have always loved gardening, but something about this pandemic has sent our desire to produce our own food into overdrive. All the seeds and plants we planted a few months ago are ready to burst with fruit and veggies, and suddenly I am realizing that I need to actually do something with all. these. plants. I am so excited to grab the FarmSteady kits to pickle and preserve our garden-treasures so we can enjoy them long after the harvest is over. Diana Spalding, Senior Education Editor + Newsletter Editor

Rookie Humans underwater love fitted crib sheet

Rookie Humans Underwater Love fitted crib sheet Super soft bed sheets weren't high on my list of must-have baby items. I always thought, what's the point in spending tons of money on sheets that will be filled with poop and vomit ? I had a huge change of heart when I saw these adorable sheets . Yes, they are made of 100% cotton sateen fabric with a 230 thread count that makes them softer than my baby's bottom, but they aren't made of harmful chemicals that are found in typical crib sheets. Also, the detailing in the designs are stunning enough to make me want to place them on the wall. I'm obsessed! Deena Campbell, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Loop digital photo display

Loop digital photo display I love documenting absolutely everything my children do, but I'm not so great at then printing and displaying family photos. So, the few that I took the time to actually print and frame are totally outdated by now. Enter Loop to solve all my problems. With a sleek design and a super easy to use app, Loop allows my family to have constant new photos to showcase in our living room. What I love the most is that you can create collections (holidays, birthdays, vacations) and show only the photos within that collection. You can also set times for Loop to turn off, which means no photos after 5 pm, so there are no distractions during dinner. - Motherly Editor

Bebe au Lait premium cotton nursing cover

Bebe au Lait premium cotton nursing cover I know breastfeeding isn't easy for everyone (it certainly wasn't for me), so my hat is way off to moms who nurse. My hat is even farther off—like, way up in the sky—for those mamas who proudly breastfeed uncovered in public, something that I was always just too shy or modest or Midwestern (or something) to ever really get comfortable doing. But babies get hungry when they get hungry, and mamas gotta be ready to go, wherever and whenever. I made good use of Bebe au Lait's gorgeous nursing cover . The fabric is lightweight and beautiful, and the length is just right—not too bulky, not too long, easy to roll up and stash in a diaper bag. Two especially thoughtful features: The absorbent terry cloth fabric patches sewn into the corners (the better to wipe away dribbles), and the flexible open neckline attached to an adjustable neck strap, so you can easily keep an eye on how things are going "in there" but still enjoy your privacy. Siobhan Adcock, Senior Experts Editor

Beekeeper's Naturals propolis throat spray

Beekeeper's Naturals propolis throat spray Can I be honest for a second? Ever since COVID-19 started I've been uber-mindful of all my ailments. Every cough, itchy throat and headache leaves me calling my doctor for an evaluation. Paranoid much? Perhaps. That's why I'm so thankful for this immune system support spray that keeps sicknesses at bay. It might not fully protect me and my family from everything, but at least my immune system will get a tiny boast during these uncertain times and that means so much to me. Deena Campbell, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Belly and Bag fully prepared pre-packed hospital bag

Belly and Bag fully prepared For my first birth I was caught truly unprepared, so the second time around I wanted to make sure I had everything I could possibly need when welcoming my twins at the hospital. This bag was that . I didn't have to worry about missing something essential and there was more than enough room for me to pack clothes for the babies and myself. I still wear their grippy socks and use the water bottle fourth months postpartum! - Motherly Editor

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