Huggies are mom must-have. No, I’m not talking about diapers. I’m talking about earrings, my friends!

Huggies, otherwise known as tiny hoops that hug your earlobe, are the earring equivalent of your broken in pair of Levi’s. Your perfect yoga-class-to-girl’s-night pair of leggings. That diaper bag that carries wipes as chicly as it carries your laptop. You see where I’m going here. They’re simple, timeless and incredibly versatile by design but with added mom-friendly appeal.

For one thing, huggie earrings are the ideal set-it-and-forget it earring style. Most feature an easy-to-manage clasp that stays put so you don’t have to worry about chasing down a lost earring back, or worse, being left with one sad and lonely singleton. It also makes them super wearable 24/7 even while you shower, work out or sleep. And mamas of grab-happy (but still irresistibly adorable) babies, while this low-profile style isn’t always yank-proof, the smallest diameter huggies are a great choice for jewelry in this stage.

When it comes to choosing the right pair, there are a few things to consider, size and material being the most important. Solid gold obviously comes at a cost, but if you’ve got the coin, it’s a great investment. Gold is incredibly durable, making it great to wear everyday and leave on without worry they’ll tarnish or fade. They’re also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive ears.

However, you don’t have to drop a ton of cash to score an equally awesome pair. Gold vermeil and plated metals are affordable and durable options (though vermeil will last longer with extra care and in a perfect world should be taken out when showering, sleeping or swimming.)

So if you’re looking to gift yourself a little something that’s as practical as it is pretty, check out our top huggie earring picks below!

Huggie Hoop Earrings You Can Wear 24/7

huggie earrings 0 Motherly

Kinn Studio

1. The instant heirloom: Kinn Studio mini hoop huggie earrings


Whether paired with a white T-shirt and jeans (ok, leggings if we’re being honest) or a stunning dress and heels, these bold huggies make any outfit feel special. And while they do tout that 80’s vibe with a thicker diameter (13mm to be exact), these ain’t your mama’s hoops. The 14k solid gold design is just the right size to make a subtle statement without weighing you down.

huggie earrings 1 Motherly

Maison Miru

2. The middle ground: Maison Miru classic huggie hoops


Delicate and oh-so-wearable, the Classic Huggie Hoops from Maison Miru are a mid-diameter option that get rave reviews for their versatility and durability. This affordable version is made from gold plated brass which you can easily wear 24/7 without worrying that they’ll fade or tarnish.

huggie earrings 2 Motherly

Automic Gold

3. The socially responsible: Automic Gold mini seamless huggies


Low-pro and perfectly smooth all the way around, these teensy seamless hoops are the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it earrings. I love the fact they’re responsibly made from reclaimed solid 14k gold, but when it comes to Automic Gold, that’s just the tip of the forward-thinking iceberg. The queer-owned company, which is based in NYC, puts inclusivity and sustainability at the heart of its mission. Through featuring a wide range of non-photoshopped models and keeping prices as low as possible it’s their goal to make fine jewelry accessible for everyone.

huggie earrings 3 Motherly

Cupcakes and Cashmere

4. The affordable bling: Cupcakes and Cashmere The Scarlett gold plated mini hoop earring


A little glitz and glamour should always be on the menu—even if we’re Zooming instead of wining and dining. And since ears are one of the few things we can continue to show off these days (sorry shoes, lipstick, and anything that might be worn below the waist) an eye-catching pair of earrings is a pandemic-proof option. Over the past year, Cupcakes and Cashmere has become my go-to for affordably priced baubles that look anything but—and these are my absolute faves. Dainty and delicate, they hug my earlobe just right and provide a sparkly pop that’s everyday-appropriate.

tini lux mainsail huggies

Tini Lux

5. The Interesting and Indestructible: Tini Lux Main Sail Huggies


Sensitive ears rejoice! The timeless styles from Tini Lux are all made from biocompatible titanium which is not only skin safe, but affordable and tarnish resistant as well. They have several huggie styles which can be purchased as singles or in pairs but this nubby design is our fave. It adds a bit of flair while retaining the classic simplicity of the style.

huggie earrings 4 Motherly


6. The subtle statement: Mejuri bold hoops


Everywhere, everyday. The handcrafted, solid gold Bold Hoops from Mejuri are a small but mighty everyday hoop you can wear morning, night and every activity in between. Because they’re 14k but still lightweight, they’re shower, workout and even sleep friendly.

huggie earrings 5 Motherly

Grayling Jewelry

7. The nickel-free duo: Grayling Jewelry weightless huggie earring set


This set from Grayling has a clever secret. From the front, they look like simple, classic hoops (which they are) but instead of a finicky clasp, the lay-flat design keeps them put without poking. This 10mm duo is handmade in Portland from nickel-free 14k gold filled wire and sterling silver wire, so you don’t have to choose a finish (yay for easy decisions!) or worry about allergic reactions. What’s more, the socially conscious brand donates 10% of all profits to hard-working organizations like Black Mamas Matter AllianceFeeding America and the NAACP.

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Hello Adorn

8. The illusion: Hello Adorn Tiny Twist Earrings


Hand-shaped and oh-so-simple, the Tiny Twist Earrings from Adorn are a Team Motherly favorite. According to an enthusiastic friend of mine, “I am quite literally obsessed with these earrings. These beauties are SO comfortable that I never take them off. They are interesting but simple and go with everything. I love that they make a single piercing look like a double. And, if you have small earlobes, the company will make you a smaller sized pair!”

huggie earrings 7 Motherly

Daisy Estée Lalonde

9. The unconventional: Daisy Estée Lalonde flow huggie hoops


If you’re tired of the standard smooth hoop style and want to mix things up a bit, these curvy beauties are where it’s at. The twisted wave shape, made from 18k gold plated sterling silver, “embodies the notion of being in the flow.” It might be a little difficult to find the flow these days, but a girl can dream, right? Maybe wearing them on the daily can help get you there.

huggie earrings 8 Motherly


10. The classic: Vrai solid gold huggie hoops


Known for their sustainable, American-grown diamonds, you can’t search the internet for jewelry without running into Vrai. The direct to consumer startup features a beautiful array of timeless and delicate classics that fans can’t help but gush about. Their huggie hoops, which are available in two sizes (10mm and 15mm) and three finishes (14k rose, white and yellow gold) have been recommended to me so many times I’ve lost count.

huggie earrings 9 Motherly


11. The understated sparkle: Rowan bezel CZ huggie hoops


We first discovered Rowan because of their super cool at-home ear piercing visits and kid-friendly earring subscription box but fell in love with their hypoallergenic jewelry for ourselves. These comfy but sparkly huggies are made from nickel-free gold vermeil with a sweet little cubic zirconia to catch the light.