Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez is opening up about an issue that may sound familiar to many moms—feeling completely overwhelmed by life lately. Martinez shared that the stress has worn her down and made her realize that she needs to make a change. "Basically all of 2021 so far I've pretty much had a breakdown every week," she shared in an Instagram story. "I just feel like I'm spread so thin, and like something's gotta give."

Martinez has two kids with partner Grayston Leonard, 2-year-old Ruth Ray De La Luz, and 9-month-old baby boy Franklin James. Martinez explained that between work, school, and being there for her family, there's just been too much to juggle. "It feels like I'm always neglecting something," she confessed. "Like I'm neglecting my relationship with my friends, or my relationship with Grayston, or my relationship with my kids, being present for them."

Martinez said all that stress lead her to an emotional realization. "I'm not Superwoman," she said. But admitting that to herself also dredged up feelings of guilt. "It's hard to realize that I need help. Especially right now—what I need help with is my kids," she said, adding that it made her unexpectedly emotional to share that.

Bekah Martinez/Instagram

Bekah Martinez

While spending quality time with her daughter one day, Martinez finally came to a conclusion that surprised her. "This is what I used to do when I was a nanny for other people's kids," she realized. "And I don't even have the time right now to enjoy my kids." She says that moment hit her "like a ton of bricks."

Martinez said given her own past experiences as a nanny she never expected she'd find herself wanting one—even admitting that she had a bit of a "superiority complex" about hiring one. But ultimately, she said she felt it would be beneficial not only to herself but also to her children. "They deserve to have someone's undivided attention," she explained.

Martinez also recognized that she has the resources and the privilege to be able to make such a decision—something that is just not possible for so many other families. But she encouraged other moms to seek support in whatever ways they can, and not feel like they have to handle everything alone. "You don't need to have some crazy schedule and crazy career in order to be validated that you are struggling," she said.