Yesterday at the historic inauguration we were so lucky to witness, there was a lot of chat about fashion. And for good reasons. Dr. Jill Biden and VP Kamala Harris wore outfits that not only were stunning but also had a message behind them. Michelle Obama slayed like she always does. Lady Gaga showed up like the queen she is. But someone else took over the online chat, and that someone was Bernie Sanders.

First, people were asking where his mittens were from, and while everyone joked that they were probably handmade by a Vermonter, Ruby Cramer, a reporter from BuzzFeed News, came in with the scoop : They are handmade, by a teacher in fact. And it gets better, they are made from recycled plastic bottles and wool. The internet, of course, loved it all, and the memes took over the online conversation in seconds.

Here are our favorite Bernie memes: