An American institution is evolving, mamas. General Mills just announced that its “Box Tops for Education” program is going digital. It may seem like the end of an era (how many of us remember clipping those box tops off our cereal?), but this move is sure to make life easier for parents, all while maintaining support for local schools.

If you’re unfamiliar with the program, here’s the drill: It’s been around since 1996 and has been benefiting schools ever since. The program encourages families to clip a portion of their General Mills brand cereals and send them to their schools. By doing so, they earn the schools funds that can be used towards things like school supplies, books and field trips.

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The benefits for schools will stay the same, but the method is changing. The company is rolling out a mobile app that will streamline the whole process (no more clipping and mailing required!). Customers can simply scan their receipt to prove they’ve purchased an eligible product, and the app will automatically add money to the appropriate school’s earnings.

The awesome thing about this, aside from the obvious convenience of simply being able to do everything from your phone, is that you can actually track your school’s earnings, as well as your own contributions.

“This change will help us modernize the program for the next generation of participants,” says Lilly Moeding, the program’s assistant manager, according to the General Mills website. “We’re rebuilding Box Tops for Education from the ground up so we can continue the program for years to come and stay true to our mission of helping schools get what they need.”

Not quite ready to make this change? Don’t worry: The mobile shift won’t go into effect immediately. The program will continue to honor mailed box tops, so feel free to continue clipping them in the short term.

“We will continue to honor all clips until they hit their expiration date,” Moeding adds, according to the company’s website. “And better yet, a lot of our brands are allowing a double dip. So during this packaging transition, supporters can send the traditional clips to their school and they also can scan their grocery receipt in the mobile app to earn double the cash for their school.”

Amazing! We love how much easier this update makes it for parents and families who are looking to benefit schools.

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