Sometimes the simplest gestures are the sweetest, and this viral TikTok is no exception. Be prepared to melt as you watch this adorable little boy stand in awe of the Disney Princesses as they parade in front of him, and how he greets each one. The video, shared by @vanessaguedert on TikTok, features no dialogue—just the tender act of kindness and manners on display from this little dude, set to the tune of "A Thousand Years."

It's no surprise that every single commenter was near tears (or just fully sobbing) after watching it.

"Disney's true prince!" the mom captioned her video of her son as his Disney dreams come true. Excuse me but I can no longer type, as I have morphed into a puddle of emotion on the floor. The looks on each of the princesses' faces are just priceless. You can tell they're slightly surprised at the hat-tipping at first, but as any true princess would do, they respond to the little gentleman in kind. The hat-tipping, the curtsies, the soundtrack...IT'S TOO MUCH. But in the best way. People in the comments section seem to agree that this mom has the sweetest little boy: "You win as a parent." "I thought I was being a little cry baby for crying but everyone else is too." "Omg no he didn't...can he marry my daughter?! Too precious." "Why am I crying about a boy taking off his hat?" The official TikTok account for Disney Parks even got in on the action, calling him "a true prince." YES HE IS. Now go dab your eyes and get back to your day, which I hope was made a little sweeter after watching something so pure. ❤️