Some breastfed babies take a bottle without any issue at all. And some, well, some make bottle-buying and trying a full-time job. This post is for everyone, but particularly for the moms of those babies. (Hi, I'm one of them.) It doesn't matter if you tried a bottle early on, or after the recommended 2-4 week waiting period, some babies just give bottle-feeding a big NOPE. It's frustrating. Luckily, there are so many other moms out there who know the struggle.

Like this mom below, who is going viral on TikTok for sharing her hack for getting a breastfeeding baby to take a bottle. And it's not just any ol' hack. It's downright hilarious, and creative as heck.

Do you have a pair of "chicken cutlets" lying around? No, not the cut of poultry. I'm talking about those poultry-reminiscent strapless bra substitutes that stick onto your boobs so you can wear things that are backless or strapless while giving the girls a little boost.

My own pair hasn't fit properly in over five years and probably has a layer of dust on them as thick as a brick, but I still have 'em. I just wish I had known I could use them for THIS.

Without further ado, please enjoy @shiskaboobs and her brilliant breastfeeding bottle hack.

In the video, the mom cuts holes into her cutlets and places Comotomo bottle nipples where regular nipples would be. She shows her son (whom she says is totally weaned, but wanted to demonstrate her hack regardless) taking to those pseudo-boobs like they were the real thing. Is it a joke? Yes, mostly. Could it work though? ALSO YES.

So many people in the comments section were cheering her on and admitting that they'd like to copy this hack for themselves.

"Now dad can feed the baby!" one user noted.

"Hey if it works, do it!" wrote another.

"OMG this is so smart!" someone else said.

As someone who spent the entirety of my maternity leave with my oldest daughter purchasing EVERY. SINGLE. BOTTLE. ON. THE. MARKET., I fully support trying this hack. My bank account was kaput and my baby still took 4 months to actually try a bottle. This could have saved me so much stress! Or, at the very least, brought me some laughs when I desperately needed them. Love it.