It was a big week over here at Well Rounded - two new babies and the emoji we've literally been waiting for since we first new emojis existed! Plus some awesome new mom and baby launches from some of our fave brands and new celeb bumps to watch. What more could a mom need? A glass of wine maybe? Yup, then sit back and get down with your Well Rounded weekly links.

There's two new Well Rounded babies in the house! Get a glimpse of our co-founder Kaity and managing editor Charlene's BFFs-to-be.

In ThirdLove’s mission to create the perfect sculpt for all women - and now that includes new mamas. With their close attention to detail and easy to use clasps, the new ThirdLove nursing bra is the perfect fit for the needs of the modern mom. Get your hands on one (or maybe two) here.

Apple has recently announced a string of new emojis to be launched later this year, including the breastfeeding mom! This new little emoticon will really spice up your mom-friend group chat.

Design your nursery to match the cool calm aesthetic of your home thanks to Parachute’s new baby collection (pictured above). Tuck your little one in under a cozy cashmere baby blanket and maybe it will benefit your sleep experience just as much as baby’s.

Major news on the celeb mom front: Jessica Alba and Mindy Kaling are both expecting! We're not sure who we're more excited to bumpwatch.