We all know that motherhood can be messy. From spills to spit-ups (not to mention those cracker crumbs that seem to be spawning in the car seat's crevices), there's always something to wipe, wash, or scrub down. But that doesn't mean that hard-working mamas don't deserve nice things.

Britax has your back, mamas. They just launched a beautiful new collection of car seats and strollers perfect for stylish moms—featuring a game-changing technology that helps repel messes.

The new Nanotex collection features car seats and strollers made with fabric fortified by nanotechnology—meaning their exclusive formula becomes part of your gear's fiber and enables the textiles to permanently resist spills and stains by changing the surface energy of the fabric. If you haven't taken a chemistry class in a while, here's a quick brush-up: The lower the surface energy, the more resistant to stains, moisture, and odors the fabric is. Genius, right?

See it in action here:

Even better— Nanotex is also free of PFOS, PFOA, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, odor and skin sanitizers, and nothing can transfer from textile to skin, unlike other products used to treat and waterproof fabrics.

Plus, the new collection has just as much beauty as it does brains, featuring a sleek, sophisticated design and elegant, streamlined accents with a luxe look you'll love. It's currently available as an infant and convertible car seat and stroller. Shop it now exclusively at Brixy retailers (find the nearest store here) and watch all those messy moments fade into distant memories.

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