Budgeting apps can be a great tool to help you save money and become financially savvy . And considering the completely unprecedented year we’ve just had, it’s no surprise that Americans are paying more attention to their finances than ever. It might sound daunting, but keeping on top of your spending and budgeting doesn’t always have to be difficult. Whether you’re looking to declutter your finances , pay off credit card debt, save up for a new fridge or even just keep better track of your finances this year, these budgeting apps could help you reach your goals more efficiently.

We’ve compiled a list of five incredibly easy-to-use and well-designed apps to help with all your budgeting needs.

The apps below not only sync with various credit and debit cards to track your purchases, but some of them also help to automatically save for goals and even alert you on ways to save money on your bills. You could even set up reminders so you never forget to pay your bills again. The best part? These apps are all free!


Thanks to its clean and beautifully designed interface, Wally is one of the highest-rated budgeting apps around for iOS users. If that doesn’t impress you, consider the fact that Wally is compatible with 15,000 banks worldwide, allowing users to tabulate their expenditures across different accounts and cards automatically. Hence, you rarely have to log their expenses manually. Besides tracking your spending across different day-to-day categories, you can also set particular saving goals through the app for big-ticket purchases and schedule payment reminders. Having easy access to such information—represented through data visualization—allows users to have a more transparent and better understanding of where their hard-earned money is going. While Wally is a free app, users can upgrade to Wally Gold at $1.99 a month to access more features. Download Wally for iOS here .


Fret not if you’re an Android user and can’t use Wally. PocketGuard is another gorgeously designed app that thankfully is available on both Android and iOS. Aside from tracking day-to-day spending all in one place, the app has two unique features that can be incredibly useful. The first feature informs users on how they can lower the cost of things like their phone and electricity bills through handy in-app messages. The second is the autosave feature that automatically funnels money to the user’s goals, getting them closer to their money-saving goals. Finally, PocketGuard is available on desktop and makes it super easy to access if your phone’s screen is just way too small. PocketGuard is free to download but can be upgraded to a Plus version for $3.99 monthly. Download PocketGuard for iOS and Android here .


Those looking for something more than just a budgeting app can try Mint. On top of tracking spending and savings, the all-in-one app conveniently gives insights on IRS tax refunds and investment portfolios. Users could potentially save money as well through Mint’s handy alerts on changes in transaction and subscription fees for services such as Netflix and Spotify. In their latest release, Mint introduced a free credit score and credit report function that makes applying for loans and credit cards so much easier. The app has a process that allows users to lock in rates for refinancing loans in eight minutes or less. Currently, Mint only connects to U.S. and Canadian banks. Mint is also available for desktop use. Download Mint for iOS and Android here .


The tried-and-true envelope system of budgeting goes digital with the Goodbudget app. To start, users make “envelopes” of various budgeting categories ahead of time, focusing on living within their means. Users can also pay off bills and debts automatically through their “envelopes.” Designed with families in mind, the app syncs household budgets across five devices so users and their families can easily track expenditures. However, it has to be said that users will need to manually input their expenses—which can be useful if you’re the sort that loves having a hands-on approach to your finances. Saving money doesn’t always have to be a solo affair and can be a process the family—including the kids!—can get on board with. Besides having a well-designed app, Goodbudget’s official site is chock full of insightful financial planning information and advice. Whether you’re a user of the app or not, the site makes being financially literate a breeze. Download Goodbudget for iOS and Android here .


Honeydue is explicitly designed for couples, but families who don’t want to involve their families in the entire budgeting process can also use it. Besides tracking monthly spending and saving goals, the app can also help identity fraud through unusual spending alerts and allows users to pay their partner within the app itself. While it might be built for couples to share expenses, the app also allows for privacy as users can decide what they want to share. (It must be noted that the app’s categorization function could use some improvement as some categories are way too broad and all-encompassing). All in all, Honeydue is relatively intuitive, fuss-free, and easy to use. If you’re after an app that simply just works for your partner and yourself, this could be your best bet. Download Honeydue for iOS and Android here.