PBS has pulled the plug on Caillou after 20 years and parents are actually pretty stoked about it.

The Canadian animated series has been a frequent target of frustrated parents on both sides of the border for years with petitions and Facebook groups calling for its cancelation as many parents object to Caillou's ability to use whining to win over his parents.

As Tristian Hopper of Canada's National Post wrote in 2017, the "most infuriating is that Caillou receives no pushback for his behaviour. Every adult in the show, from Caillou's parents to his neighbours to his grandparents, exist as one-dimensional foils to his narcissistic musings. When he covers the kitchen floor in mud and rocks, his father not only fails to reprimand him—but offers to take him to the library while Caillou's mother cleans it up."

In short, many parents believe Caillou is a bad influence (and that his parents set unrealistic expectations for how adults should react to kids).

That's why so many American parents were thrilled to hear PBS is cancelling the tiny, bald Canadian at last.

Here are few of the best tweets reacting to the announcement: