Magic Mike has a glamorous new look.

Channing Tatum let his seven-year-old daughter Everly give him a makeover and this is how much trust he has in his little girl: she was blindfolded. The actor showed off the results on his Instagram story, and they're just as hilarious as they sound.

"When you let your daughter do your make-(up) blindfolded..." the proud papa captioned a selfie that features bright pink lipstick on his mouth (and cheeks); dark purple eyeshadow on his eyelids (and forehead); and a colorful manicure that spreads past his fingernails. He adorned the post with a series of fabulous beauty emojis.

Channing-tatum-makeover-daughter Channing Tatum/Instagram

Tatum has been navigating single fatherhood for the past few years, after he and Everly's mom Jenna Dewan announced their separation in 2018, and it looks like he's been making the most out of it. Last August, he unveiled his debut children's book, The One and Only Sparkella.

"Guys, I don't know about you but things got a little weird for me in quarantine," he captioned an announcement Instagram post. "I ended up accidentally locking myself in my 7 year old daughter's room. And I ended up finding my inner child. So this is what I created for my little girl. From what is, I guess, the little girl in me. Thanks for reading."

Though he's leaning into being a girl dad, Tatum recently opened up to Parents magazine about his initial fear of not being able to connect with his daughter as a single father.

"I want dads not to be afraid to go into their daughter's world and discover who they are. When I became a single father, I had a lot of fear about connecting to Everly in every way that a little girl might want. I didn't wear nail polish or know how to braid hair. But now I do both," he says. "I jumped with both feet into this magical world, and I was rewarded with a kind of love that I don't think I would have ever been able to have otherwise."

If you're a newly single parent scared you might have trouble bonding with your kid, take Tatum's words to heart and know that you got this!