Chrissy Teigen continued her reign as one of the greatest people on the Internet this week with an amazing offer to teachers. The cookbook author and mom is going through Amazon wish-lists and buying up everything teachers are asking for their classrooms.

The generous offer unfolded after Teigen revealed that she herself has always wanted to be a teacher. From the looks of things, she's sort of getting a shot at it this year.

She gave her Twitter followers a glimpse at her adorable homeschool set up. In the replies, Teigen wrote, "If you are a teacher in need of supplies for the upcoming school year, please drop your amazon wishlist here, I will do as many as I can!"

The requests quickly started rolling in, with Teigen updating a day later to say she's cleared out at least 50 lists. And it seems she has plans to keep shopping. "I'll do as many items as I can," she wrote in a follow-up Tweet. "I wish there were a button to add everything at once! It's gonna take me a long while so bear with me!" Even more amazing, the replies are filled with random people who jumped in to help as well. During times when so many are struggling, it's incredibly sweet to see how much even the not so rich and famous want to help.

It's a heartwarming story, for sure—but it's also somewhat heartbreaking. While it's wonderful to see teachers get the helping hand they deserve, it's more than a little sad that they are so regularly forced to resort to crowdfunding their basic classroom needs (or more likely, paying out of their own pockets, a fact that Teigen herself alluded to).

And as teachers go back to their classrooms in the middle of a pandemic, their shopping lists are stocked with items that aren't just for arts and crafts. There's hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, air purifiers—all the items teachers need to keep themselves and their students safe in what is sure to be one of the most challenging school years any of them have ever experience.

These last few months have given so many parents a window into how hard teaching is, and it's certainly not going to get any easier now that so many teachers will be facing tasks like keeping their kids socially distanced, helping with masks and hand washing, or teaching a class where some students are in the room and others are joining remotely. Making sure they have everything they need is the least we can do— and if you have the means to help, there are plenty more wish-lists to be found in the thread.