Chrissy Teigen shared a sweet post today about the importance of recognizing when her kids need her.

The supermodel and Cravings cookbook author shared a candid photo of her and her 4-year-old daughter, Luna Simone, sitting on a kitchen floor together.

"One thing I have gotten very good at is knowing every single moment they want you to pause and pay attention to them is very important to them," she wrote on Instagram.

"So you just gotta make it a moment because it's just a moment but it's THEIR MOMENT, you know?" writes Teigen, who's also mom to 2-year-old MIles Theodore.

We do.

It can be too easy to rush past our little ones when we're trying to work from home, clean the house, make dinner, and keep them alive.

It can be too easy to say, "not yet," or "not right now" when our children ask for a hug while we're trying to finish that important email or fold a mountain of laundry.

But it's so important to recognize that when they ask for our time, it's because they need it.

"Give them a moment because it's just a moment but it's important to them. Right? I dunno. You get it," Teigen wrote.

Chrissy's followers certainly do.

"Man this is true in life. Ppl just wanna feel seen ya know, kids and adults. This is such a sweet post. Cheers," wrote one woman.

Another added, "Yes❤️ I will be making dinner and my daughter will say "mom, can we go sit on the couch?" I'll turn everything off and just go sit. It doesn't last long but I just know when she needs it."

Thanks for the reminder and the sweet snapshot into your life, Chrissy.

Parenting is hard. But it's a little bit easier with messages and reminders like these.