I didn't need to hear what the groundhog said, I already knew winter was going to continue for quite a while where I live. (The current forecast calls for about a foot of snow tonight.) And, with weeks and weeks of cold weather still in my future, I feel I have two options: I could take a cue from those teenage boys who wear shorts no matter the temperature. Or, I could embrace this season for what it is by taking upping the coziness quotient of my wardrobe.

After seeing the new comfy sweatshirts that were just added to the Motherly Shop, I'm definitely leaning toward the latter. Sure, my husband may call it "online shopping," but I call it "getting my hygge on." I started by ordering this amazingly soft, extra cute MAMA sweatshirt in peach and have been wearing it on the daily ever since it arrived. I ordered one size up and, let me just say, it's the perfect complement for my go-to winter leggings.


Mama comfy sweatshirts

1. MAMA Title Sweatshirt

Made with ring-spun cotton and deliciously soft fleece, this sweatshirts allows you to show off your very favorite title, “MAMA.” Available in four beautiful colors and with a bold graphic print, this sweatshirt is perfect for wearing at home, while running errands or doing whatever else the day holds. (Hey, mamas have to be ready for anything!)

I'll be the first to admit that my already-weak fashion game took a hit during the pandemic—and I've really tried to turn that around by putting a bit more effort into my daily styling during the past few months. There's just something about wearing "nice" (non-elastic) clothes every now and then.

But also? In my house, we're 100% team change info comfy clothes the minute we walk through the door. I also don't think I've made it to school drop-off yet this year in anything other than leggings. (Just like 90% of the other moms.) Made with a cozy, machine-washable cotton blend, the new "mama" line of sweatshirts are also big improvements over the old college-era sweatshirts that I'm often found wearing. Progress!

Now that I know how cozy the MAMA sweatshirt is, I'm eying the others in the Motherly Collection that are available in a variety of colors. After all, just like snacks in the diaper bags, you can really never have too many comfy sweatshirts. 💁‍♀️



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