Recently I was justifying to my partner why yet another pair of leggings arrived on our doorstep. Yes, I realize I only have one set of legs and don't leave the house much, but as any leggings-wearing human knows, there are so. many. kinds.

As I provided the necessary education, I began to sound like the Bubba Gump Shrimp guy. "Well, there's performance leggings , high-waisted compression leggings , cozy lounge leggings , simple cotton leggings, and these, my friend are fleece-lined leggings. It is winter and I need them."

And oh, how right I was. You see, I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter-friendly leggings for ages. Ones that not only feel cozy, but also block the cold in a serious way. As a Vermonter, mom of two and owner of a large dog that has the audacity to still want to be walked even in sub-zero temps, I've come to realize these are a legit wardrobe staple. That said, while I was willing to throw significant coin at the right pair, I am delighted to report that the holy grail I've found is less than forty bucks.

The high-waisted built-in warm fleece-lined performance leggings from Old Navy.

The details:

Made from what feels like an almost scuba suit-esque fabric, they're a little bulkier than your standard Lululemons. Regardless, they still breathe well and have significant stretch. They're lined throughout with cozy brushed fleece that definitely cuts the wind and kept me warm even in 25-degree temps. If you're more athletically-inclined than I, you'll appreciate the generously-sized zip-pocket on the thigh which easily accommodates my iPhone 11 pro max with an inch on top to spare. (I mean it is also helpful for toting my phone from the kitchen to the living room while also transporting an armload of snacks. #priorites) The waist is blessedly high but elasticized so you feel tucked in without being squeezed to death.

What to know:

The secret is out, so stock has fluctuated in and out over the past few weeks. They were out of stock in my size when I initially stumbled upon them and checked obsessively until they were back. Now I'm looking to snag one in every color and plan to keep tabs until they're restocked.

They wash like a dream so far, but one reviewer did note hers pilled a bit in the inner thigh. This is not my experience, so I'm still firmly in the five-star camp.

The only downside? I wore them while snuggled on the couch under a blanket recently and had to kick the blanket off because I was sweating. Tough life, huh?

Scoop up a pair for yourself before they're gone! (And bonus! They're 20% off right now.)

Old Navy high-waisted built-in warm fleece-lined performance leggings

High-Waisted Built-In Warm Fleece-Lined Performance Leggings for Women

They're currently available in a botanical green, black, cream and rusty shade. Currently it looks as though they're only regular length but I've seen them offered in petite and tall on some occasions. Keep checking if your selection isn't there. It might come back!


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