We love receiving videos from #TeamMotherly—and when one mama sent this video in, we *needed* to know the backstory!

Jill Gum recently returned to work after maternity leave for her third child. Her husband Ryan knew it was a hard transition for her, so he made this little video to show how much he appreciates her—and to demonstrate that all was well at home.

Watch the video he made for her here (with sound on!):

We think this video is hilarious + sweet—but we also love how it models a partner supporting a working mama.

Ryan recently transitioned into the role of stay-at-home dad. He explains the respect he has for working mamas and all they manage to juggle. "Somehow, moms are able to have their focus be on the job, but still be able to have their kids needs at the top of their list," Ryan writes. (Speaking of lists— that might be our favorite part in the video. Who here has made an endless checklist related to childcare? 🙋)

Ryan continues, "Kids don't understand the stress of working the entire day and then being a mom for the rest of the night. The fact they don't understand is not an accident—it's because moms are so great at making their kids feel like they are the only important thing in the world."

Here's to supportive partners + super parents. 👏 Oh—and to making your partner laugh on the days when they need it most.