Dear husband,

Being a new mom is hard, but I know being a new dad is too and it doesn't get nearly the same attention or empathy. I want you to know that I see everything you do for us, and it makes my world brighter.

Though you may not see me watching and I may not say thank you enough, these quiet (or loud!) moments bring me joy every day.

When you read to our son

There is nothing I love more than seeing our tiny son in your lap, eagerly turning the pages as you read him Polar Bear, Polar Bear for literally the eighteenth time that day. You are so patient and you read it with just as much enthusiasm as the first time. Plus, your animal noises are pretty epic.

When you get up extra early so I can go for a run...alone

You are not a morning person, I know this about you. It makes it all the more meaningful to me when you wake up early so that I can go for a run, in the sunshine, alone.

Stroller running is an amazing thing, but I feel so free, and honestly so loved, when I get to run outside all by myself, knowing that you’re home with our son because you care about me more than sleep.

When you say, “Hey man” to our one year old like he’s one of the guys

This makes me smile every time because I picture you guys hanging out, doing father-son things for all the years to come. I imagine you throwing a football with him in the backyard, giving him advice on girls, and someday having a beer with him. It melts my heart.

When you come home from work

There is nothing better than seeing the smile on our son’s face and the light in his eyes as he sees you approaching through the window. He bangs his little hand on the window, shouting “Da” with such joy and excitement each and every day, without fail.

I may not always show it, but I feel pretty much the same way when you get home. You walk in and jump right in and it’s easy for me to forget you’ve been working hard all day too, because you make it look so easy.

When you clean the kitchen after dinner

I say I don’t mind doing it, and I truly don’t, but when you clean up after dinner, it reminds me that we’re in this together. Cleaning up after a baby is no small feat and I appreciate it more than I can say every time you do this.

When we sit, all together, and read Goodnight Moon at the end of a long day

This is often my very favorite time of the day. We frequently divide and conquer, which is awesome, and oh so necessary for us to get everything done. But at this one time, every single day, no matter what else is happening, we are all together and everything is calm and quiet.

When you bring home a bottle of wine, just because

You’re a beer drinker through and through and I love picturing you standing in the wine section trying to pick something I would like, just to show me you care.

When you tell me I’m doing a good job

I know that I shouldn’t need to hear this, I really do. I know I should be able to feel a sense of worth and accomplishment just from doing my best. But the thing is motherhood doesn’t come with promotions and awards and raises, and I do need to hear, at least occasionally, that I’m doing okay at this.

It means everything to me when you tell me I’m a good mom. Come to think of it, I should probably tell you you’re doing a good job too. You are. You are an awesome dad.

When you hold my hand while we watch TV

Let’s face it, we’re often too tired to do much other than watch TV at the end of the day. (Not a lot of long, philosophical conversations or chess games going on over here.) When you reach for my hand though, I know we’re still connected and I feel just as close to you as I ever have.

When you dream about the future with me

It’s easy these days to get caught up in the day to day, in all of the little details that make our house work. But I love the times when we dream bigger, when we talk about far away adventures we long to go on, when we talk about what we want for our little one, when we talk about the beautiful life we hope to have together.

This baby stage is all about finding the simple joys in life and you make that so much easier. For all of the times I forget to say it, thank you for making my day happier, my dreams bigger, and my heart fuller.


Your wife