I always loved mobiles. They are precious, poetic, and peaceful! I remember making one for both of my kids. The first one, I made myself; the second one, my daughter helped me. That was a great way for her to be part of the baby's life -- to get her involved and excited. At first, babies see movements and colors. So if you are looking for a simple way to add color and texture to your little one's nursery, you can make a mobile with recycled material you can find at home: string, straws and construction paper! The mobile is super easy and quick to make. There are few steps, but the result is worth it. Happy Crafting.

Here are the few steps you need to follow to create a fun DIY mobile for your little one's crib.


  • Scissors
  • Nice colored string/twine
  • Compass
  • Paper straws (a bunch)
  • Hole punch
  • Colored construction papers
  1. Have all your supplies ready to work with.
  2. Draw some circles (around 20 of each color and 2") out of your colored construction paper; cut them in each color; and then make a hole with the help of your punch. Set aside.
  3. Cut your straws. I cut one straw in 6 equal parts. Set aside.
  4. Cut 2 long strings between 30" to 36". Fold them together and then make a knot.
  5. Let's start the mobile! Take 1 string and add 1 straw, then 1 colored circle, 1 straw-1 colored circle until you have 3 circles.
  6. Repeat that step for the 3 other strings. Set aside.
  7. Take 2 straws and cut them in half. Cut a small piece of string.
  8. Back to your mobile. Take the first string and make a knot to attached your mobile string to the other string you just cut on step 7. And then pass a piece of straw (cut in the step 7).
  9. Make a knot with the second string of your mobile.
  10. Keep doing that.
  11. Attached and knot everything together. Now you should have a square. I recommend to hand your mobile now to finish it.
  12. You should have 4 strings now. Take 1 and add 1 straw + 1 circle + 1 straw + 1 circle. Repeat that for the second string of your mobile. And them join these 2 together by making a small knot. Now add 1 straw-1 circle + 1 straw-1circle as much as you want. When you feel it is long enough make a final knot.
  13. Repeat step 12 on the other side. And you are DONE! now you can hand your beautiful mobile in the baby nursery.

Marie-Laure is the mom behind the blog, La Maison de Loulou. She's an architect at first, a part time mom of two, but also a DIY extraordinaire. She loves crafting, and La Maison de Loulou is a piece of me with simple and fun crafts, ideas, projects, and activities to do with your kids. Her kids are her inspiration and all the DIY's & Crafts are made for them to have fun.