As you may already know, we're big fans of everything the ladies of Little Miss Party Planner do in the event world (like this one and this one, for example!). Michelle and Seri came up with an easy DIY for a piece of sparkly decor that you'll use event after event...starting on December 31st.

What you need:

1) Glass vase

2) masking tape

3) foam paint brush

4) Mod Podge - sold at all major craft stores

5) Glitter

6) paper plate


1) Always work with a clean, dry vase. Take a piece of masking tape and apply around the vase wherever you would like the glitter pattern to end. You can be simple with one piece of tape, or create a stripe or chevron effect by using multiple pieces.

2) Using the foam paint brush, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge below the masking tape.

3) While the Mod Podge is still wet, sprinkle a layer of glitter all over the painted area. We love to do this step over a paper plate for easy cleanup.

4) Tap off the excess glitter and set the vase aside to dry.

5) Fold the paper plate in half, and funnel the excess glitter back into the glitter container

6) Once the first layer is dry, apply another thin layer of Mod Podge to "seal" in the glitter. Don't worry--the Mod Podge will go on white but will dry clear. Allow the vase to dry completely.

7) Carefully remove the masking tape, and your gorgeous glitter vase is ready for flowers!

8) Time to celebrate!

Photography by Sara Kalish