Emerald Fennell won her first Academy Award last night, becoming the first woman to win a screenwriting Oscar in 13 years.

Fennell earned nominations for best original screenplay and best director for "Promising Young Woman," which was also nominated for best picture. She took home the first award of the night with her win for best original screenplay, becoming the first woman to win a screenwriting Oscar since 2008, when Diablo Cody won for "Juno."

In her acceptance speech, Fennell revealed that the film was shot in just 23 days. At the time, she was seven months pregnant with her first child and making her directorial debut. In her Oscars speech, Fennell joked that she was thankful her son didn't arrive early.

In the press room after the show, the Oscar winner also confirmed that she is currently pregnant again. We love that she earned an Academy Award for a film she made while pregnant with her first child—and that she accepted that award while pregnant with her second.

We love seeing working moms and pregnant women setting personal and professional goals and then knocking them out of the park.

Our kids need role models of all kinds. We want them to grow up knowing that they can accomplish anything—that people of all colors, backgrounds and genders have rich stories that need to be told.

It matters that in Fennell, our sons and daughters can see a talented, ambitious woman who's also actively growing her family. Professional and personal ambitions don't have to clash. You can succeed (at the highest levels!) with both.

We're not just raising the next generation of kids. We're raising the next generation of parents. And we want them to know that parenthood is compatible with all of their biggest dreams.

Emerald Fennell is proof of that. Congratulations, mama.