Most parents have pregnancy announcements . Others, like photographer Haley Jones's parents, do a photoshoot to celebrate their transition into empty nesters.

Jones shared the 'announcement' on her business Facebook page a week ago and the post has since gone viral with more than 200,000 shares . The post gained even more traction when it was tweeted over the weekend amassing over half a million shares—and we love it.

In the photoshoot, Amy and Randy English from Pontoc Mississippi, are holding a chalkboard sign showing their daughter's move out date, as well as holding a 'zero' balloon referencing the amount of children left in the house. 😂

Haley will only be 30 minutes away from her parents, but as you can tell, they are very excited to finally have the family home to themselves.

Expecting 0 kids June 2019

Twenty-two-year-old Haley Jones was the last of their children to move out of the family house.

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