The birthing experience is transformative in so many ways. When baby arrives—in an instant—your life changes forever.

In honor of Father’s Day, we are celebrating the men who became parents alongside us. In collaboration with a talented roster of birth photographers and incredible parents, we’ve created a video of intimate moments during the birthing process. You might say this is the ultimate tribute to dads. As we capture the emotions of men during the birthing process, we are witness to the pivotal moments that changed their lives for the better.

Amanda Heary, Motherly’s video producer, writes, “It was important for me to not only feature a variety of men and their emotions but also a variety of birth scenarios, such as water birth, C-section etc. Every father reacts differently; either they’re silent, giving their partner space, or they’re upfront and center, with big emotions and words of encouragement. Either way, these men are all present and supportive in their own way, constantly reading the room trying to anticipate what their partner needs at each moment. I think so often we forget that men are also going through a transformation during birth, too.”

Grab the tissues, parents. This emotional video is the ultimate gift to dads on Father’s Day.


Dads during birth