Nobody knows and understands change like moms -- from pregnancy to early motherhood, life is nothing but change. Your body changes, your daily routine changes, and your relationship, in and out of the home, change.

All of this change can be exhausting (as most moms can attest). So why not make things a little easier on yourself by making furniture and decor choices that your family can grow into over the next few years?

Here are a few picks for baby furniture that you will be able to use beyond the toddler years -- bonus points for scoring high marks in the style department. The upfront expense might be more, but a lot of these products will stand the test of time and spare you buying two or three items over the course of your child's early development.

SLEEP: Baby cribs that turn into toddler beds.

The day will come when your baby outgrows the crib, so get ahead of it by buying a bed now that can grow with them with a few adjustments. If storage allows, we recommend buying the accessory items when you purchase the piece just in case the model is discontinued and replacements are scarce. Here are a few options:

EAT: From first foods to big bites.

Navigate the eating phases from infancy to childhood with ease by purchasing a highchair that can be modified to accommodate them as they grow up. Consider one of these:

DIAPER CHANGE. From changing table to toddler furniture.

Since the need for a changing table is relatively short lived, you can technically skip it altogether. So instead, convert a dresser into a changing table with a changing pad that you can remove easily, or consider one of these options that have a life of their own after your child grows out of diapers:

  • Changing Station to Hanging Display, from Oeuf.
  • Changing Station to Bookcase or Desk from Stokke.
  • Changing Table to Bed from Dream On Me.

ORGANIZE. Baskets and bins that your baby won't grow out of.

Babies have a lot of stuff, and it is never too early to get it all organized. Start containing your baby's things from the beginning and setting up systems that can adapt as your baby grows and as their needs change. Our biggest tip for these products is to select ones that fit your decor and aren't too baby focused so that they can still be in rotation over the years. Open bins for diaper changing supplies and clothes can easily translate into toy and book storage down the road.

When children are smaller, it is great to have storage pieces that have soft edges and low, wide openings to make getting items in and out quite easy. For catch-all items such as toys, books, and stuffed animals, the soft storage baskets and bins are a great choice. Here are some of our faves:

PLAY. Toys that can go the extra developmental mile.

If your child is a bit older, start looking for products with dual functionality or that change with each developmental stage. Here are a few transitional craft and play pieces that will have life past the toddler stage:

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Michelle and Annie are co-founders of Henry & Higby, a professional organizing company in New York City. They believe that life should be as simple as possible and that the process of getting organized can help. Visit them on Facebook, Instagram or on their website.