Feeding baby, changing diapers, doing laundry, connecting with hubby AND catching up on work… The list probably goes on, and getting your mind out of your daily routine and into the world can be challenging. That’s what we’re here for -- to give you a little taste of what’s out there. From new feeding supplies for your toddler to a giant breast majestically looking over the city of London, here are 5 stories you and your mama friends should know about.

1. Chewbeads’ teething necklaces were such a hit, why stop there, amirite? The brand has recently released a line of baby feeding supplies. This includes silicone plates, bowls and flatware - easy to wash, safe for the environment, and safe for baby.

2. Get excited, mamas! You’re bound to go on a shopping spree. Kohl's is getting not one, but two maternity lines -- Pip & Vine, designed by Rosie Pope, and a:glow, Kohl’s very own maternity label. The collections are hitting the stores and the web today! Check it out.

3. Have you taken your kids to see The Boss Baby? Well, now you can dress them as boss babies too. Kira Kids, popular celebrity children’s brand that many celebrities’ babies sport on their strolls, has collaborated with Dreamworks to launch the exclusive The Boss Baby line. And we’ll be honest, the design is pretty, well, boss.

4. Pop quiz: name the 10 types of birth control that are available to you. Did you get them all? Neither did we. So here they are, along with some tips on picking the right contraceptive for you.

5. London Calling. Londoners want to free the nipple, and they made a big gesture to let everyone know. A giant inflatable boob has been erected in the city for Mother’s Day (which, in the UK, occurs in March) to remind people that nipples are a-ok and to counter stigma against breastfeeding.