Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on what true love really means to us. Of course we love our babies and our friends and family, but what does romance look like IRL? We asked #TeamMotherly and they absolutely delivered. Hint: We *love* when our partners let us sleep in and clean up without us having to ask.

Here’s what you told us about true love and real romance:

“Romance in my house is a hot bath. Alone.?”—Kristi Estes

“For me it’s when he puts our baby to sleep, I fall in love more and more every time he does it.”—Natasha Lang

“Anticipates needs, whether it’s changing a diaper or walking through the door with a Coke, without having to be asked/told.”—Kasi Jarvis

“My definition of true love is when my husband goes to work overtime so I was able to stay out on maternity leave for about 4 months! I wish I could always stay home with our son?”—Kimberly M. Howley

“Stops what he is doing to randomly come over and give me a hug and kiss, and tell me how beautiful I am. He does this at the very least once a day. I'm so lucky.??”—Summer Roberts

“My entire relationship I have always been the primary cooker and cleaner. Now with a 18-month-old, my husband always offers to go to the grocery store, cooks the majority of the meals and helps tidy up the house. It's such a relief off me, it's like being awake is simply exhausting?. I'm def lucky.”—Ashley L. Smith

“Brings flowers or a kit kat home because he "knew they would brighten my day" and accepts me for me complaints and all lol”—Draven Slack

“Takes care of me when I’m sick, or texts me in the middle of the day out of nowhere to tell me he loves me.???”—Lydia Salerno

“Takes the baby in the mornings so I can sleep.❤️”—Karina Mueller

“When he takes care of the bottles and pump parts then stores the milk after every at-home pump!”—Lindsey Jenkins Gerow

“Getting up with the kids in the morning so i can sleep in and bringing me a cuppa when i wake.”—Naomi Smith

“Reminds me of how beautiful I am, even when I look like a troll. ?”—Iyah Kumar

“Looks like we're all pretty simple and just want some sleep and food. ??‍???” —Kealakai Hammond