So you tried to conceive. And now that the ovulation window has passed, your only job now is to wait. It. Out.

What’s a girl to do while you’re waiting for the biggest news of your life?

1. Go the symptoms-obsessed Googler route.


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This is the one where you Google “signs of pregnancy” every day, including questions like “Is feeling bloated an early sign of pregnancy?” (possibly) and “Is craving Oreo ice cream cake a sign of early pregnancy?” (No.) For every question, Dr. Google has a different, conflicting answer. Plus, many signs of early pregnancy (moodiness, tender breasts) are also signs of an impending period.

Your best bet is to stock up on early pregnancy tests, which can detect pregnancy hormones as early as six days before a missed period.

2. Become a Netflix binge-watcher.

Drown your anxieties in the latest episode of Master of None.

We’re all about distracting ourselves from the mind-blowing possibility that we *might* have made a baby this month. Keep your thoughts focused on someone else’s drama while yours unfolds.

3. Go on a health-food kick.

Convince yourself that those kale salads and green smoothies are for the baby and trick yourself into two weeks of incredibly healthy eating.

Bonus: If you’re pregnant, you just gained two weeks of nutrition. If you’re not, consider yourself that much closer to being a super-healthy pregnant mama.

4. Get active.


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Motivate yourself to try a new physical activity with the thought that you might be helping to improve your own (and your future baby’s) health.

SoulCycle, Zumba class, even a walk around the block—do it with a baby-making pep in your step.

5. Get away.


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If you can swing it, plan a weekend getaway somewhere (nearby is good!) and enjoy an adventure together. Believe it or not, your life might soon be full of morning sickness, making it harder to enjoy special time together for a bit.

Bonus points if you can add in physical activity, like a hike or a swim. Both will get harder when you’ve got a big ol’ belly or baby in tow.

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