Swollen hands and feet are, more often than not, an inevitable -- and unfortunate -- occurrence during your pregnancy. Sure, you knew your belly would grow, but did all your digits have to get bigger too? While there are so many spa treats that are “off-limits” when you’re expecting, there are two treats that you can indulge in during any trimester: manicures and pedicures.

A mani-pedi is the perfect way to pamper yourself while pregnant and here are three of our faves that will fit into any budget. Keep in mind that when going to the nail salon, you may want to bring along your own tools to decrease the risk of infection (and perhaps your own polish if you’re worried about toxins). You should also sit in a well-ventilated area, and avoid a deep tissue massage as many believe that are pressure points that can trigger labor (but the jury’s still out on this one!).