Raise your hand if you've recently scrolled through Instagram and been baffled by pictures of moms lounging by the pool, sipping a drink on the beach or floating on one of those amazing swan rafts. How do they get to enjoy such a peaceful moment, you might wonder as your own kids run about. Well, Jenna Dewan is letting us in on a secret: It's basically all for show.

"Instagram vs. reality," the mama summed up in a new set of pictures. In the first stunning shot, Dewan is sunbathing atop a butterfly wing pool float. But in the second, daughter Everly joins the party and things get a little less... buoyant.

We may be passing time with those $1 noodles in the middle of crowded public pools rather than lounging on $148 floats in the middle of a beautiful pool, but, still, the idea behind Dewan's picture is so true to #momlife—or "LITERALLY RELATABLE" as one commenter put it.

The recently single mom of 5-year-old Everly has been open about the occasional chaotic aspects of motherhood in the past. As she told Harpers Bazaar in May, "I've never once woken up early with enough time to get ready before I get my daughter to school… My hair's always wet, I'm always changing clothes. I mean, it's always a little haphazard in my life."

When Dewan gets to the place where it feels like she's "burning the candle at both ends," she recently told Us Weekly she's learned from experience that she needs to take a step back and care for herself. "I try . . . before I get that feeing to go and have a spa day or a hike with friends. Or meditate. I know that sounds so boring, but that's literally what I do!"

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