Jessie James Decker is a total multi-hyphenate mama. The singer-songwriter is also a best-selling author and the founder, CEO and creative director of her company, Kittenish. She's also a mother of three growing children ( 5-year-old Vivianne, 3-year-old Eric and 1-year-old Forrest) she shares with her husband, former football player Eric Decker.

On the latest episode of the second season of The Motherly Podcast , Sponsored by Prudential, Jessie James Decker tells Motherly co-founder Liz Tenety about how motherhood has changed her life and perspective, even though motherhood wasn't always her number one goal in life.

"That was not me. I was totally career. That's all I could think about. I wasn't the girl that dreamt of having fairytale wedding. That was just not me. But as soon as I had a baby it was like life made sense all of the sudden. I knew I was meant to be a mother and now my view of motherhood is like my purpose. I know I'm so good at this and I enjoy it so much. And I can't believe how I didn't view motherhood before 'cause it's just so me now," she explains.

Parenting made her like her partner even more

Jessie James married Eric in 2013 and the pair welcomed their daughter Vivianne in 2014. Adding three more people to the family hasn't diluted the couple's love for each other at all.

"It's made it even stronger and made us even closer because you know—think about it. We created these people out of love together and now we're raising three people that we have in common, not just biologically, but we have in common that we are so madly in love with these people that we created together and we have the same goal which is to love them and take care of them and give them the best life we possibly can, which makes us closer and stronger," says Decker.

"We already liked each other a ton before they came along, so it's made us like each other that much more because we get to see each other as parents and I think we both are proud of the mother and father we are together."

How growing up in poverty impacts the way she parents today

The Deckers are a very successful couple and Jessie James is a smart business woman who is constantly hustling and growing her brand and company. The life her children are experiencing today is quite different from her own childhood, she tells Tenety.

"Early on we definitely had lots of memories of simply having no money and money that my mom couldn't even afford to pay for diapers. I remember that very clearly. I think because I have experienced both; I feel blessed that I've experienced both. That I know what it's like to be in a situation where you don't have money for food. And I also know it feels so blessed to be able to provide," she says.

"I think it gives me a difference sense of values and I try to instill that in my children. Yes I'm able to give them and provide but I make sure to let them know. If they try to throw something away there's children that don't have food, please don't throw that away. Or you need to be grateful, some children don't have toys. Or why don't we take out some toys you don't play with anymore and let's donate them to little children that don't. I'm constantly; even though they're young and little I still make sure I educate them as much as I can that this is not the normal life for other people and we need to be grateful for what we have and we can enjoy that because Eric and I have worked hard to be able to provide that but we still need to know what's out in the real world and you know try to educate them as much as possible."

On finding time for everyone as a mom of three

According to Decker, one of the things she struggles with the most as a mom is figuring out how to split her time between her three children and recognize their different styles of communication.

"So Vivi is really good at vocalizing that she wants to spend some time or what she wants. Bubby's on the shier side and isn't as good at vocalizing so I have to really take extra thought into okay I need to spend some one on one time with Bubby because I know that even though he may not be communicating that with me, little boys are not as good communicators as little girls in my home. But I would say just dividing up the time between them three, making sure they all get that quality one on one time because it is important to do that."

To hear more from Jessie James Decker about her experience as a mother balancing career and family, check out the The Motherly Podcast , Sponsored by Prudential.

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