Jessie James Decker is opening up about parenting her sick son.

The country singer posted a photo to Instagram of her 2-year-old son, Forrest, wearing Spider-Man pajamas and using a nebulizer.

"Went to the hospital again last night. 3rd time in 6 weeks," Decker captioned the post.

"Every time he gets a tiny cold he starts wheezing and his oxygen levels drop and heart rate goes up. Ultimately I'm being told he has Asthma even though he's pretty young to diagnose. It's scary to watch his vitals drop, hear his grunting and see his chest struggling so much to take a breath. After he threw up for the third time (I think from coughing so much) (no fever) I knew it was time to take him in."

Decker, who shares daughter Vivianne, 6, and Eric, Jr., 5, with her husband, former NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, trusted her mom instincts and brought little Forrest to the hospital this week when he started having trouble breathing and began throwing up.

The singer says the doctors are still trying to figure out what's triggering Forrest's breathing episodes. Any parent who's ever watched their child battle an illness will relate to James's fear and confusion surrounding Forrest's condition.

"So confusing for a parent to have this issue and just not know what to do or why it's happening," she writes. "He was born full term and 9 lbs and no issues until last year and becoming more chronic. He's a champ but it breaks my heart when he tells me 'mommy my chest hurts' in his sad little voice."

James says that she decided to share details about Forrest's health because she's found a warm and welcoming mom community online.

"So thank you. It's that kind of mamas helping mamas community on here I really appreciate," she writes.

It is so hard watching your child struggle with anything, especially illness. It's hard not to feel helpless.

We hope that little Forrest starts feeling better soon and that the Decker family gets some much-needed answers about his condition.

Decker got one thing right—the mom community is here for her!