You may know Kelsey Crane from Chasing Life or Casa Vita -- or even her performance in How I Met Your Mother, back in 2011. But Kelsey is much, much more than an actress. She's a Lady Boss! With Quench Staffing, she created a business that provides young artists and professionals with temporary work as they journey on their path to success. Since the company's inception in 2009, Kelsey has been “feverishly fanning the flame" (her poetic way of saying that she's been “working her ass off"), and it's paid off. Her company has grown tremendously and has now a team that expands its services to multiple cities across the country. But Kelsey isn't just a Boss Lady. She's now a Mom Boss! She and her husband, Nicholas Gonzales, welcomed their daughter, Ever Lee Wilde, on March 1st, and we couldn't be more excited! Sure,we fell in love with Kelsey's chic and beautiful bump style. But we cannot wait to see how her fashion sense extends all the way to her little one's nursery. So without further ado, here it is: the universe that Kelsey and her husband have created for their new bundle of joy. How has pregnancy changed or inspired your work? Pregnancy definitely enhanced my focus as I transitioned into a human ticking time bomb; Towards the end, it was CRUNCH TIME! And I actually spent my whole pregnancy focusing on implementing streamlined systems, organizing online databases, and consulting with my team to make sure their needs were met. Truth be told, the suggestions and advice of my bookers were fundamental as they transitioned into new roles of growth within the business. Absolutely could not embark on this next adventure without them!

How do you envision becoming a mom will enhance you as a business woman? I envision motherhood to stimulate expansion in both my business and my personality. I hope this encourages innovation as an entrepreneur and a decisive focus for me as an individual. Tell us about the nursery! What's been your overall theme/inspiration? Since we are waiting to find out the sex of our baby, we wanted to focus more on creating a zen, clean environment playing with grey and white tones.

Did baby daddy have any input? Yes, Nick has AMAZING taste so he's been a part of every decision. We've been so lucky to have the help of my amazing mother as well, whose organization and interior design skills are next level. How did you go about putting it together? We really took our time putting everything together, piece by piece. We started with the essentials -- the crib, dresser and the daybed (for moms and mother-in-laws). We fell in love with the distressed white brick wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decal. I also openly stole some goodies from my pregnant friends' registries who had done massive amounts of research -- I got so lucky there! Once the fundamental pieces were squared away, the fun details and simple design elements just seemed to fall into place.

Tell us about some of the biggies in the nursery. The crib, the dresser, the nightstand and the "Little Love" sign are all from Pottery Barn Kids. The closet Organizer is from the Elfa solutions at the Container Store. Finally, the day sleeper and the rug are from West Elm. And the details? what's some of your favorite little items throughout the room? any amazing brands/vendors you discovered while putting the nursery together? Our favorite detail is the white brick wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decal. But we also love the chambray whale mobile that we got from RH Baby and Child and the hamper from Land of Nod.

Anything old and/or sentimental that you want to share? We loved getting creative with the space. Incorporating family heirlooms and handpicking designs from various artisans made us feel like we were creating a personal, loving environment for our little one. In the bathroom, we hung my Grandmother's Washer Woman painting, which has always been one of my favorites. For my LA baby shower, my mother and mother-in-law gifted Nick and I baby cups, plates, and rattles. So special to have those to share with our little one!

Now that you've put the nursery together, what's the best piece of advice you'd give to a mom-to-be that's planning her own nursery? HAVE FUN! As a mama bird to be, I found such joy and creative expression in nesting. Daydream as much as possible about your baby and the never-ending personality possibilities of the little one growing inside you. Bring that love into this new room and get ready for the adventure ahead! Shop the post: