I can’t believe it’s already back to school time... Where did the summer go?! Maybe it’s just striking me more this year because it will be the first time my 4-year-old will attend school five days a week. Which, for me, means coming up with easy, on-the-go breakfast ideas for kids five days a week.

Around these parts, school starts bright and early—so I’ve been brainstorming some easy breakfast ideas that will keep him nourished until lunch and me a little saner in the rush of the mornings.

Here are some preschooler-approved recipes to make their mornings yummy and yours easy...

Frozen yogurt tubes

These not only make for great snacks, but awesome breakfasts on the go! My little guy always thinks these are “popsicles” as well, so maybe keep these on hand for those mornings that they claim they “aren’t hungry.” I usually just keep a box on hand in the freezer. Although Stonyfield is a favorite in our house, there are some great ideas for DIY yogurt tubes on Pinterest.

Pancake bites

Who doesn’t love pancakes?! I know we sure do. What I don’t love is standing over the stove and keeping an eye on them. My solution is these easy pancake bites! All you need to do with these is whip them up, pour them into a muffin tin and let them bake. Super easy and yummy!

Cereal bars

Another great back-to-school recipe is for these delicious cereal bars. Make these ahead on a Sunday and you will be prepared for the Monday morning hustle and bustle. Plus, what they may lack in terms of nutrition, they make up for in the “always willing to eat” department.

Breakfast burritos

These are great to keep in the freezer and are packed with protein rather than sugar—which means I know my kiddo will be nourished and happy until lunch.

Overnight French toast

I love anything I can make the night before, so I was automatically attracted to this recipe. And it didn’t disappoint: So easy to make and quick to clean up!

Veggie-packed muffins

Muffins are always on hand around here—and I especially love when I can sneak in a serving of vegetables. Whether it’s zucchini (as of late) or these pumpkin muffins for fall, these are definite faves for mama and kiddo.

Yogurt parfaits

These are a favorite of ours! I love to make them the night before and pull them out the next morning and top them with my little guy’s favorite cereal. Plus, my littler guy loves them, too.

Now armed with these recipes—that I fully intend on enjoying as well—the thought of school isn’t as intimidating. Now I just have to figure out a game-plan for lunch!