Lauren Conrad is known for many things, and one of those is her unique style. That's probably why she's had such incredible success in pretty much every design category, from apparel and shoes to jewelry and bedding.

But it's the mom of two's latest endeavor that we're admittedly the most excited about: Little Co. by Lauren Conrad, a newly launched brand of infant and toddler apparel available only at Kohl's.

We got the details from LC herself and dug into all the behind-the-scenes info about this new affordable, gender-neutral collection. (Seriously, every piece is below $20!)

You've been in the spotlight now for decades and you're loved by many —especially moms! Can you talk a bit about your transformation into a fashion designer?

I knew I wanted to be a designer at a very young age. Before I partnered with Kohl's, I had a contemporary line, so I had a little bit of experience in the industry that really prepared me in a lot of different ways for what I was walking into with my Kohl's lines. My partnership with Kohl's has grown so much over the years and they have really mirrored my life milestones, which is why launching a baby and kids line right now in my life makes sense.

How has becoming a mom changed you both personally and professionally?

Becoming a mother has forced me to delegate a bit more in my professional life. I have had to prioritize my time and how I spend it.

Has motherhood changed the trajectory of your career at all? If so, how?

I don't think becoming a mother has drastically changed the trajectory of my career. I am fortunate to have a very supportive partner in Kohl's and they have always been very flexible with me during my pregnancies and maternity leave.

Your collections through the years have covered just about everything—apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories, sleepwear and bedding. What's your favorite and why?

I have always loved working on apparel, but I honestly get really excited when I have the opportunity to venture into a new category. Working on accessories allows me to complete the looks we are designing. And when we included home in the line, it became more about a lifestyle. I design so that everything works well together—from the apparel to my jewelry, etc. What I am SO excited for though is the upcoming launch of Little Co. by Lauren Conrad. It's been a goal of mine since becoming a mom to design and launch a kids apparel line with Kohl's.

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad

Let's talk about your new brand (which we love!). What does Little Co. stand for?

I wanted to create a kids line that felt like a natural extension of the existing Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad brand. The hope is that the same customer that always shops and wears the line will want to clothe her children in a similar way.

What do you love most about the brand and what it offers?

I love how pieces all coordinate together and the garments are made with organic cotton, but most of all I love that it's so affordable. Everything retails under $20, which was really important for me while designing this collection, especially during this time when everyone is keeping a close eye on their budget.

When creating pieces for the brand, what did you keep in mind to ensure an amazing final product that parents (and their kiddos) would love?

My Kohl's Little Co. by Lauren Conrad collection is all about sustainable pieces that have a similar color story that can be mixed-and-matched, so you can get a lot of different combinations. The garments are all made from organic cotton so it's easy for the kiddos to move around in.

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad

Can you talk a bit about why it was important to you for the brand to be gender- neutral?

I wanted to design an affordable baby and kids apparel line that included playful pieces that are gender neutral that could simply be mixed and matched to make it easy for parents. Kids grow so quickly and often only get to wear a garment a few times. I saved most of my first born's clothing knowing that we hoped to give him a sibling one day. If the pieces are gender neutral it easier to pass on to the next kid, boy or girl.

How are you staying calm as a mom and entrepreneur right now during this crazy time?

Wine. Kidding. (No I'm not). It's a weird time. I have to take a lot of Zoom calls while holding a baby, but what else can you do?

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