Grab some tissues, because this story is about to restore your faith in humanity.

Single mom Lisette LeJeune and her two sons, ages 3 and 14, have COVID-19 and are isolating at home to prevent spreading the virus to others.

That's why a good deed by her mail carrier is now going viral. Although LeJeune hardly knew her USPS mail carrier, the women (named Mary) came to her rescue recently with an act of kindness that is making headlines.

Most of LeJeune's support system lives about 45 minutes away, so it's not easy to get the supplies she needs when homebound. So she'd been ordering a lot of stuff and even warned her mail carrier when she first tested positive, telling the USPS worker (named Mary) that instead of using the mailbox (which they would both have to touch), LeJeune would leave a bucket outside for the mail to be dropped into.

She recently found something amazing in that bucket—a care package from Mary.

It contained some needed food items and a note: "Get well wishes. I hope you all are feeling better."

Mary remembered that a single mom on her route is struggling and went out of her way to make her day brighter.

"What made me emotional was just the thought of her getting the bag ready, in the morning before starting work or the night before, just her having us in mind with her daily routine," LeJeune tells Good Morning America.

She continued: "We were having a hard time here at home getting anything delivered and our family was helping us, but still I couldn't run out to get anything last-minute," she said. "I had just run out of orange juice and I needed that to give to my son."

Mary issued a statement through USPS: "I was just making a small gesture of kindness. The customer expressed concerns about my well being with contacting the same mailbox as her while she was sick," she explained in a statement. "After a few days, I left a get well gift at her doorstep because I appreciated her concern. I didn't expect it to get so big but I would have done the same for anybody."

Thank you, Mary. You are the kindness the world needs right now.