Ah, parenthood. We do everything we can to keep our kids safe, and they keep finding new ways to try to hurt themselves.

It's pretty much universal. That's why moms around the world are relating to this now viral video of a mama bear trying to corral her cubs.

Twitter user @EoinHiggins_ summed up the chaos nicely by capturing footage of a mama bear struggling to cross the road with her cubs in Connecticut. The viral video, aptly captioned "Bearenting" and soundtracked by Bob Dylan's "Stuck in the Middle With You," shows the mom waiting patiently on the side of a busy street with four fluffy kiddos.

The cars all stop to let her pass, so she picks up the first babe by the scruff of his neck (in a technique called scruffing) and trots along to the other side with the cub hanging from her mouth. A second cub adorably romps behind, following mama to safety. As they shuffle into the brush, a third baby runs across the road.

Flash to mama attempting to pry the fourth cub from a tree it's been climbing, and by the time she's got that one scruffed another's running back to her in the middle of the street. She tries (unsuccessfully) to alternate scruffing, and then the clip cuts to absolute calamity with two kiddos playing in the road. She finally manages to get them all safely to the other side, and any parent sitting in their car watching the scene unfold was probably thinking, Girl, I feel you.

The video is priceless, and so are the replies. One empathetic parent wrote "I totally relate. I have 3 girls. This used to happen any time we left the house."

Another mama got sentimental. "Oh, the sometimes overwhelming enormity of being a mother. I remember feeling that way, almost four decades ago. I don't know if mama bears get sentimental about their cubs after they become adults (I kind of doubt it), but now I miss those days!" she tweeted.

Whether you're a parent of one, or four like that mama bear, wrangling an unruly kiddo is something we all can relate to.