Babies and toddlers — and their parents alike — are in agreement that Ms. Rachel is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. She’s so beloved, in fact, that parents are sharing their little ones’ reactions to seeing a Ms. Rachel imposter, and it seems like these babies are absolutely not accepting any substitutes for their educational queen.

Seemingly new to the toddler learning and development scene, Ms. Emily has her own YouTube channel where she teaches first words, famous songs, and all that good stuff. But it seems like Ms. Rachel exclusively reigns supreme among the still-in-diapers set, because little ones downright wail when they see Ms. Emily pop up on their screens.

One mom on TikTok shared her daughter’s delighted reaction to seeing Ms. Rachel, which was immediately followed by the saddest tears upon seeing Ms. Emily. (Aww!) Another tot was simply too stunned to speak or move upon seeing Ms. Emily, before bursting into the biggest grin and giggles when he finally saw Ms. Rachel, even shedding some “tears of joy.” In the caption, his mom quipped: “I guess they all knew who the real MVP is.”

Another mama shared back-to-back videos of her adorable little one absolutely devastated upon seeing Ms. Emily. But then, she’s showed Ms. Rachel, and she’s smiling and clapping in front of the screen.

TikTok commenters are curious about this suspicious-looking copycat, who seems to mimic Ms. Rachel’s style of dress and speaking almost to a tee. “This is what the uncanny valley feels like,” joked one person. “This got to be a crime. Like, why did she copy EVERYTHING?!!!” wondered another. “She made me cry. I thought I had went into a different dimension or changed timelines and lost Ms Rachel,” half-joked yet another.

Only time will tell if Ms. Emily manages to pick up steam, but so far, it seems like there’s a clear winner, and the Ms. Rachel fans aren’t here for someone trying to steal her shine. Sorry to all the others out there, but the little ones tell no lies.