If you breastfeed, chances are you know how difficult it can be to nurse or feed on the go. You’ve probably had to cram into a bathroom stall with your pump on the ground, get glares while you’re feeding your little one at the airport terminal, or even squeeze into a dressing room for a feeding. Although breastfeeding has been around forever (literally), there just still aren’t many options out there to make mama and baby comfortable in public.

That’s where Mamava comes in.

After the two co-founders struggled to work away from their babies because they needed to pump fairly often, they decided they shouldn’t have to be limited to a bathroom or car. Instead, they created these private, freestanding lactation suites that are specifically designed for moms on the go.

Each Mamava is a private space that features a large bench, fold-down table and power outlets to make pumping or feeding as convenient and comfortable as possible. Bonus: There’s even enough space for a stroller to fit in.

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You can find a Mamava in 200 locations nationwide, including airports, stadiums and offices. In addition to the regular pods, they also come in mini for offices, inflatable for temporary use and ADA-compatible models as well.

Simply download the Mamava mobile app and it’ll direct you to the nearest nursing friendly location. Plus, the app has smart lock technology that allows mamas to access the suites and share their experience with other moms using the app. If you’re traveling soon or heading to an event, check out the app to see if any suites are available.