One of our favorite celebrity moms, Ashley Graham, is due to give birth to twin boys any day. She recently shared that so far, her babies are weighing in at an estimated six pounds. EACH. That's 12 pounds of baby! In her latest Instagram post, she's giving us a glimpse into how she's preparing for the arrival of babies #2 and 3.

"A couple of crazy things in my camera roll," she captioned the series of photos, complete with a dinosaur emoji. Why the dino? Oh just wait, you'll see.

In case you've ever wondered what nursing a T-rex would look like, well, consider your curiosity satisfied. (Just scroll through the photos and you'll see what I mean.)

Obviously, she's not really nursing a creature from the Cretaceous era. But she is prepping for how to nurse two babies at the same time! What better way to do that than with your favorite nursing pillow and two of your toddler's beloved toys?

I've only ever nursed one baby at a time, but that looks like a pretty good football hold to me.

Graham has taken fans along on her pregnancy journey, even sharing the video where she found out there was not one, but two babies renting out her womb.

She's also embracing her body and all the ways it's been changing as it grows two more human lives. Last week, she shared a beautiful photo of herself where her stretch marks were on full display. She called them her "tree of life" stretch marks—how perfectly fitting is that?

It looks like she's really counting down the days before she and her husband, Justin Earvin, and big brother Isaac welcome two new little dinosaurs to the pack.