As we stand in a unique moment in time—many of us with babies on our hips or children by our sides—it can seem like there are more questions than answers about what the future of parenthood holds.

While we don't have the benefit of a crystal ball, Motherly's new partnership with Medium is giving us the chance to connect with leading experts, professionals and writers. In our unfolding series of articles and essays, we aim to explore what it means to be a parent today and what we can do to make the future brighter.

Beginning with topics related to the theme of "identity," we are examining how the transition to parenthood affects various facets of life, including:

The history of motherhood: How mothering has changed over the years

With 'continuous parenting,' we expect more of parents than ever

... and more.

We invite you to follow along with Motherly + Medium as we seek answers about the future of parenthood.